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Lombok in Java vs Case Classes in Scala

Comparison of the code generation between Case Classes in Scala vs Lombok in Java

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Leveraging Big Data Technologies for A/B Testing

An entire new suite of open source technologies is driving forward innovative use cases in processing big data

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Thoughts on Design Quality (Part 2)

Applying SOLID principles to modularize a HomeAway service

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UT MSBA Capstone Stories

HomeAway partners with the University of Texas' McCombs School of Business to define and execute Capstone projects for the Masters of Science in Business Analytics program

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Gateway Timings

HomeAway's relationship with multiple payment gateways offers a rare opportunity to make comparisons across these service providers.

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Given a particular vacation rental property, which other properties in our inventory are the most similar?

Here at HomeAway, answering this question is doubly valuable. On one hand, it helps us augment our travelers' search experiences by giving us the ability to recommend properties to them. On the other hand, it enables us to build tools and features that help our owners analyze their properties' competitive marketplaces.

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